At Systochem, our mission is...

1. To achieve highest end-consumer satisfaction by providing quality products at affordable prices.
2. To provide new solutions for the age-old and new disorders and diseases by comprehensive Research and Development work.
3. To remain up to date with the latest knowledge and technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

And above all, our highest goal is to strengthen the health of the country and the entire world by our range of products and services.


1. To finish the journey of being the most trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry, which we started two decades back.
2. To keep on providing new age solutions for the healthcare industry.
3. To mark our presence in the highly regularised pharmaceutical markets such as USA.

Quality policy:

At Systochem, we understand the true value of the human life. The complete trust, a patient puts into our products, is the highest level of satisfaction for our dedicated team of professionals. Our confidence in the products we provide is due to our one hundred percent efforts in the QUALITY of these products. We strictly follow the cGMP, cGLP and cGCP guidelines.

With fully dedicated QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) departments, our products meet the international standards at any point of time.

Weather it is storage of the raw materials, transfer of these materials, manufacturing, packing or final storage of the finished goods, we have "zero tolerance" policy for the QUALITY of the products.

Human Resources:

Our main strength which is the QUALITY of our products is due to the expert employees working for the betterment of the world. Our dedicated QAQC people, qualified team of scientists, and the manufacturing workers are highly trained and experts in their respective fields. Apart from the pre-employment training, our employees also undergo training at different intervals of time to stay up-to-date with the new developments in the industry.

Injection Production Unit Yearly Production Capacity
Small Volume (Ampoules) Injections 100 Million
Liquid vials 20 Million
Opthalmic Eye/Ear Drops 20 Million
Dry Powder Injections 20 Million
Harmons Injections 10 Million
Skin Oinment/Cream 25 Million